Quarantine Workout & combat sports drills #1

Quarantine Workout & combat sports drills #1

AR        QUARNTINE boxing for Tuesday March 24th above 

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2 minutes in Orthodox & 2 minutes in southpaw stance for each

1. Jab + cross

2. Cross + lead hook

3. Lead hook + rear hook

4. Rear hook + lead uppercut

5. Lead uppercut + rear uppercut

6. Lead uppercut + rear overhand

7. All 7 single direct attacks in order

8. Any of the 7 single direct attacks consecutively non stop

9. 5 minutes of jab + lead bodyhook + lead head hook + cross 


QUARANTINE  kickboxing for Tuesday March 23rd belowAlthough we are stuck in our house, that doesn't mean you have to give up your fitness.  During this weird social distance time that we are going through, Enhance Fitness Studio and I Noah trainers are going to give you mini to full workout programs and drills to challenge yourself each and everyday around your home.  A lot of these challenges will be bodyweight, but don't be afraid to order some equipment on Amazon (resitance bands and/or dumbells) to make the workouts more challenging.  Let's stay positive during this crazy time, continue to eat healthy, and never skip a workout : )

video below

Quarantine Fit at Enhance Fitness Studio in Countryside IL

When You Complete!  Please Let Us Know By Posting "I Completed My Day 1 Quarantine Workout" on Ehance Fitness Studio's Facebook and/or Instagram page @EnhanceFitnessStudio

Let's Keep The Community Strong!!!

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