2018 at Enhance Fitness Studio in Countryside

2018 at Enhance Fitness Studio in Countryside


Welcome to Enhance Fitness Studio, I hope you are having a great day so far.  I wanted to share a few thoughts and insights into the programs at Enhance Fitness Studio in Countryside, Il 6475 Joliet rd. suite A1000. As well as tell you a little bit about myself, this is Noah Gutierrez. 

We have a copy of the 2018 schedule available on social media, as well as hard copies with our information in case you know someone who may be interested.  Some of the recent physical changes you may have noticed at the studio are meant to improve the warm feeling you get when you step into a gym and know that the trainers are there to help you reach your goals.  All the workout routines are designed for your specific class and they are never repeated.  You cannot have one universal workout that fits every group, they need to be tailored to each class based on their goals.  All of our trainers and independent contractors are dedicated to making Enhance Fitnes studio the most positive, supportive, goal achieving, results driven gym that ever was.


I began my fitness instruction journey as a mixed martial arts instructor in Chicago, Orland Park and Countryside, Il.  I created personal self defense programs at the WIP and Citlalin theaters in Chicago.  I'm the head instructor of  the after school martial arts programs for grades 1 - high school at Chicago Public Schools (Tonti, Hernandez, Hope, Dawes, Durkin Park, Hale and Pasteur).  I set up a self defense class for the girl scout daisies at Enhance Fitness Studio. I hosted an exercise obstacle course race in Chicago in 2015.  I am currently an instructor for Enhance Fitness Studio's Torch 2.0, Strength  & Conditioning, No GI Grappling for MMA, personal self defense, kickboxing, P.F.T. and STRONG bootcamp programs.  As for me personally, I love joking around and am a sucker for puns so feel free to share any jokes you might have. I love having laughs in life and sharing humorous stories.  I am a dedicated person, very loyal, i'm fascinated by safety in all forms whether its personal safety, kids, swimming pools, driving, etc. I will also be posting safety tips in future blogs. I was raised baptist so you won't see me cursing like a sailor, I live in Chicago, and feel free to ask any questions you may have in person. If I go on any longer it would sound like a dating profile lol Please say hi when you see me around the studio. I'm trying to be at various classes, even ones I don't teach, so you get to know me a bit better. If you see me observing a class, it's because i'm there to help in any way I can.  I occassionally get to talk to classes but I also don't want to interrupt the exercise and throw off your energy.  So im here with lots of love to give and am honored to be part of your fitness journey.

HOW THIS BLOG will be sent

I will be sending out a blog with a bit of information and give you and insight as to what's on my mind in relation to Enhance Fitness Studio, our programs and partners.  This will be done weekly ( if not, bimonthly)


2017 was another great year in the books that saw the return of the P.F.T. program, Torch 2.0. for your core debuted on Saturdays, we had a blast with the tough mudder, the debut of classes such as the Superclass (20 min bootcamp, 20 min kickboxing, 20 min pilates), Boxing to the Beats & Bloody Mary Social, our new pilates room was renovated, we had a cookout, celebrated the 125th Lagrange Park anniversary with a booth,  hosted a charity event benefitting the MidAmerica Service Dogs Foundation.  We finished the year on a high note and will continue to ride that positivity train into the new year.  The purpose of our studio is to help you reach and exceed your fitness and health goals through programs designed to challenge you, keep you active and introduce you to other like minded individuals.


I looooove inspirational quotes so you may have seen them around the studio.  If you have any you like but don't see, feel free to share it.  I'll put it up, it's good for the studio.  We have the new projector being installed as you may have seen, the purpose is to make it easier for the trainers to post their workout routines on the screen in bigger letters, display upcoming events, share information about programs and even watch workout videos as you stay active if you want.  We have a vinyl banner on display on the outside of the studio, and an OPEN light so neighbors know they are welcome to stop by and join us anytime they'd like. 


We are always striving to bring you the best fitness programs available.  In 2018 we are introducing programs we currently do not have but that are great additions to our studio.  We saw the debut of Zumba,  YOGA FITNESS is debuting Saturday February 4th 12pm -1pm,  Salsa dance class is Sunday February 11th 5pm - 6:30pm, and coming in March of 2018 we are debuting EXPRESS BOOTCAMP program, a full body strength, cardio and interval group fitness class designed to be completed in 30 minutes.  This program is for the busy evening fitness enthusiasts who would like to complete their full workout on their own start time.  You will have a 2 hour 15 minute window between 5pm - 7:15pm Tuesdays and Thursdays to complete your 30 minute workout (6:45pm being the latest time available). Class starts when YOU arrive. This takes away the pressure of racing through chaotic rush hour traffic and allows you to begin your routine for that day whenever you arrive at the studio.  Take your time, grab a coffee if you need to, the routine will be waiting for you when you arrive :)


We are happy to introduce our newest independent contractors and additions to the studio.  Great trainers, great people, great workout routines and a drive to help you reach your fitness/health goals.  Cristen Grajeda is a certified integrative wellness and life coach with a backround in powerlifting, ballroom dance, group exercise, yoga and more! She currently intructs upperbody focused Torch 2.0. Mondays 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Yoga Fitness, Salsa dance class, and is in rotation for the Saturday morning 7am STRONG bootcamp class. We also have Zach Tomanovich, a certified personal trainer with a background in strength based classes and sports performance training. He is currently a trainer in rotation for the Saturday morning 7am STRONG bootcamp class. 


We are here to inspire, motivate, change lives, support and be the fitness community everyone wants to be a part of.  We are a family, a community, a friend, coach, intructor, trainer and sensei with lots of love to spread and go around.  Our goal for 2018 is to change people's lives through fitness and programs to make you the best and happiest version of you possible.  

There is the state of the studio.   I look forward to seeing you all around in classes working up a great sweat and trying to make this the most enjoyable and loving fitness community.....EVER.   Thanks for reading and keep having a great day!



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