2/1/ - 1/7 at Enhance Fitness Studio

2/1/ - 1/7 at Enhance Fitness Studio

Hi fitness enthusiasts, I hope you are having a great day so far.  February 1-7th at Enhance Fitness Studio was another good one.


1.  We saw the debut of yoga fitness which was a blast.   Great job to Dave, Erin, Suzanne, Deanne, Sarah during class and Cristen Grajeda for doing an amazing job with the structure of it.  It is such a great feeling to have when you have stretched yourself farther than you would on your own.  This is a class we would love to have another one of.

2. Superbowl Sunday, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots for such a great game.  It was our first live stream to the studio, but not our last.  We have a screen and projector so anytime we want a group viewing at EFS, thats an option now.

3. Thursday morning kickboxing classes are back at 5:30am.  Join Cheryl, Jamie, Sheila and myself tomorrow if you are able to make it.  Let's help spread the word.  We have gloves you can use, no previous experience necessary. Be ready for a great strength and conditioning as well.  


1.  This week we are having our first salsa dance class at the studio Sunday February 11th 5pm - 630pm.  NO partner necessary, no previous experience required.  This is my (Noah Gutierrez) first salsa dance class as well so you are not alone.  I'm excited to be part of this.  Do it for fitness, for fun, for you or all 3.  Please R.S.V.P. by Thursday February 8th so we have an idea of the turnout.  Claim your tickets at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/valentines-salsa-dance-class-sunday-february-11th-5pm-630pm-tickets-42639072614

2. BUDDY WEEK is coming to Enhance Fitness Studio Monday March 5th - 10th and it is a supercircuit week to introduce you and your friends to several full body exercises at once.  Bring that friend thats been on the fence about fitness, guilt that family member into coming with you,  this is a great way to introduce someone to the best decision they could make, their own health is at stake. This will be free for your buddy. Supercircuit is where you do exercises quickly one after another for aerobic benefits as well as strength gains.  Every class will participate.  Bootcamp, Strong Bootcamp, Express Bootcamp, Torch 2.0., Enhance Sports Performance, Strength and conditioning as well.  ALL trainers are participating including Halle, Mike, Zach, Cristen, Noah and Christy Williams.

3. EXPRESS BOOTCAMP is a new class launching Tuesdays and Thursdays starting March 6th from 5pm - 7:15pm.  That class is designed to challenge you to complete a full body group fitness routine in 30 minutes.  There is no official start time.  The class begins when YOU show up (think of the turkey burn we had, similar to that).  This is designed to give you a similar bootcamp to the morning class with some of the same exercises but in a condensed format.  You no longer have to rush through traffic to get there, take your time.  Even grab a coffee nearby if you need to.  The last time to arrive would be 6:45pm to get your full 30 minutes.  This is designed with the busy fitness enthusiast in mind.

4.  MARCH FEATURED EVENT, next month our featured class with be a 1 hour foam rolling maximization class with Jeff D'adam.  Learn how to make the most out of your foam roller and get those knots out! date TBD

SMOOTHIE SALE FOR ALL FEBRUARY, 15 smoothie recipes are now available for $5 throught February.  Great tasting, healthy and easy to make recipes now available for you or as a gift at https://enhancefitnessstudio.com/products/15-amazingly-tasty-healthy-smoothies


I teach at Chicago Public Schools and am the head martial arts instructor at multiple schools.  I have experience teaching 5yr olds all the way to high school age how to defend themselves and anti bullying tactics.  Here's a few ways you can tell if your child is being bullied and not telling you.  

1.  They may not know what bullying is.  A lot of kids use code words that you can decipher if you understand why your child is saying what they are.  Kids may say things like "the kids were messing around, they were playing " this may be the way they interpret bullying behavior because they don't yet know how to explain it. 

2. Rushing to the bathroom everyday after school. Once or twice, no big deal. If this is an everyday occurence, they may be scared of using the school bathroom because the bully either bothers them there, or threatens to bother them there.

3. Overeating everyday before school.  Once or twice, no big deal.  This may be because the bully doesn't let them eat at school, steals their food, knocks the food out of their hands or just intimidates them into giving it to them.  As cruel as this may sound, it's an unfortunate reality. 


I'll share a few more tips on how to tell if your child is not telling you they are being bullied in my next blog.  Thanks for reading fitness enthusiasts.  Keep having a great day!


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