How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

HI everyone, I hope you are having a great day so far. This is Noah Gutierrez here with HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED IN FITNESS whether its at the gym, at home, on the road or on vacation. First, the motivation from being surrounded by like minded individuals in group fitness classes is powerful. There is no substitute for the energy and positive atmosphere group classes provide. What about at home? That's where you are most comfortable and it's easy to lay down versus exercise.  You have to get creative, use self discipline to choose what you want most over what you want in that moment. Discipline is a long term solution and our ultimate goal.  On our journey there, here are some ways to get you started.  This article is designed to offer ways to help you stay active, fit, strong, dedicated and happy :) enjoy
1. Surround yourself with motivation - You've seen me post motivational and inspirational posts around the studio. This is meant to make Enhance Fitness Studio the most positive, supportive, exercise environment. Associate yourself with positive people, like minded individuals can really give you that motivation you need. That's why group fitness classes are so effective.  You are surrounded by like minded individuals with similar fitness goals. 

2. Drop a coin in a jar every time you attend class - Over time,this is a great way to physically see your hard work.

2. Put on your workout clothes even if you dont end up going - The feeling of regret will sink in deeper if you took the time to dress up and realize you got all dolled up for nothing. You remember that feeling and don't want it ever again.

3. Write down how you feel after every workout - You need to remember the great sense of accomplishment, the great feeling you get when you found what motivates you. You figured out how to keep yourself going and you are never looking back! Even if you fall off the wagon a bit, reading your memories is a great way to get back on track.  Don't you want to feel great again?

4. Watch TV while exercising - Warning, please do this responsibly. This is not something you should do if your exercise requires a lot of focus. This is meant for stationary exercises like the bike, eliptical, jacobs etc. I find for certain exercises, watching my favorite TV show while on an eliptical is the best way for time to fly without you realizing how much you just exercised. Even better, find a show you are addicted to.  Watch 2 or 3 episodes and you won't even feel that amount of time. Please do not attempt this when dealing with heavy weights. 

5. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - It's important that you be your own biggest supporter. You are in control, you know what your goals are, you are the one that can make it happen. Self motivation is absolutely achievable. If you want it badly enough, want it HARDER, and get started. If you are on the fence about going to the gym one day, go anyway and your sense of accomplishment and satisfaction of knowing you did something amazing for yourself will take over. You'll forget you ever hesitated.

6. Remember why you started - Keep your eyes on the prize! You have your goals, you've wanted to reach them for a long time. Your children, friends and other family members will remember and be proud of you.

7. Collect trophies, medals, memorabilia - Whether its a participation medal, a warrior dash hat, a souvenir, or even just a reminder of some sort. Keep them together. Go for a collection. I have my Tough Mudder shirts, warrior dash medals, head bands, wrist bands, pictures and some clothing items that remind you of how fun those particular activities were. Start a collection :)

8. Ask yourself: "How willl this help my goal?" - Think about the last time you exercised so hard, you felt great for days.  Water never tasted so good, sitting down never felt so earned, you spent the rest of the day feeling great.  The reward will outweight the risk by a lot and reminding yourself of this always helps. 
9. APPS - There are lots of free apps that help you in your fitness journey. FitQuote sends you positive uplifting messages daily. Sweatcoin converts your daily exercise amount into sweat currency which you can then use to buy things in real life. There's TEP, which is a virtual giraffe pet. You feed him by exericising lol its cute I know but that's all he/she eats. Feed the hungry giraffe baby and be a responsible digital parent :) There are other features you can use to maximize your phones.  Schedule your workout on your calendar, tell Google/Siri to remind you of a workout, or to wake you up at a certain hour, use a to do list app to include exercise in so you can check it off. 
10. Modify Everyday chores - I personally walk my dog 1-3 miles everyday. It started out as a trip 2 or 3 blocks long but I started modifying it to make it longer. Can you walk to nearby stores instead of drive? Sometimes I take care of kids and I like taking them to the park and get a great sweat pushing them on swings, playing tag with them, racing etc. They love that stuff (and I love winning every race tehehehe)
11. Social Media Help - When you get those days when you just are not feeling it at all, I like to post on social media requests for friends to send me motivation comments.  I post something like "Can you guys motivate me to go exercise? I'm not feeling it today" or " I'll do 1 pushup for every LIKE that this gets" your friends and family will gladly help.
Thank you for reading.  Thought I'd share tips, advice and personal experience to help you stay active, motivated, inspired and healthy.  Enhance Fitness Studio has a group fitness class for everyone of any schedule.  Check out our schedule at  Thanks and keep having a great day!

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