Ways to Describe an Attacker/Robber to the Police

Ways to Describe an Attacker/Robber to the Police

Ways you can help identify an attacker/robber to the Police


Using Sight

Hairstyles - Think of all the different hairstyles you've seen in your life.  Especially in modern day with youtube.  Flat top, french braid, shaved head, frosted tips,Asymmetric cut, bangs, jheri curl,beard, bob cut, braid, layered hair, butch cut, buzz cut, dreadlocks, ducktail, hi top fade, mohawk, mullet

Unique characteristics - Did you notice any tattoos, scars, piercings, poor grooming, amazing grooming, wearing accessories, birth marks, blemishes, acne, black heads, eye color, hair color etc. 

Clothes descriptions - You can tell so much about someone by how they take care of their shoes, how they match colors, styles and fashion.  Try to pick on on an attackers shoes, socks, pants/shorts, shirt, sweater, jacket etc.  Did any of these clothes have obvious imperfections such as irish pennants, discoloration, tears, holes, mud, dirt, paint etc. 


Using Smell

If you are close enough to your attacker, you might be able to pick up on strong odors that can help you describe them to the police. You may pick up on specific odors fast due to being exposed to it yourself.  It can be a smell/odor you're familiar with because of home, work, church or maybe you stay away from it because you are allergic.  I have lots of allergies so this definiitely applies to me. Strong odors include...

  • Liquor/Alcohol
  • Vomit
  • Garlic
  • Marijuana
  • cigarette smoke
  • dog
  • perfume/cologne
  • chewing gum/breath mint, gasoline
  • coffee
  • body odor
  • medication
  • fish, bad breath
  • shower products
  • raw onion
  • Fish Flatulence
  • red meat
  • flatulence
  • spicy food
  • McDonalds

Using Taste

Taste can be used to identify an attacker to the police if they used their hand to cover your mouth, you bite them in self defense or they forcibly kiss.  All of those situations are disgusting to think about but its an unfortunate reality.  Taste can tell a lot about where a person has been, where they work and what they've been eating.  Remember that a lot of times you may think a certain taste means nothing to you, but it can mean EVERYTHING to the police looking for any clues of a persons previous whereabouts.  Here are some occupations and specific tastes that can tell a lot about someone's background...

  • sweet - bakery workers
  • gardner - may give off earthy taste if you bite their arm 
  • pets - a pet owner often recognizes pet odor/taste
  • cleaning products - someone who cleans a lot may have some of it still on them
  • car oil - mechanics
  • butcher - may taste like raw meat

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great rest of your day.  Stay safe out there :)

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