The Ultimate Nootropic and Adaptogen

The Ultimate Nootropic and Adaptogen.

Let me introduce you to Ashwagandha which is an ancient medicinal herb that increases mental focus, improves mood, battles stress, increases strength and so much more.

Ashwagandha is classified as an adaptogen because of its unique ability to help the body resist stress (physically, biologically, or chemical) and as a nootropic because of its ability to improve cognitive function (memory, focus, creativity).


With the properties of reducing stress while improving brain function, no wonder why so many people are turning to ashwagandha to:

  • Work: help improve mood and reducing stress while focusing on a deadline
  • School: help with study sessions by improving memory and cognitive function
  • Exercise: improving both physical endurance and muscle strength


aswhagandha for athletes

Spiked Nutrition

Ultimate Adaptogen & Nootropic Blend
spiked nutrition


🎯 Spiked Nutrition was formulated to increase cognitive and physical performance by improving energy, focus, and endurance. ⁠

The best part is that this product is not overly stimulated as it has about the same amount of natural caffeine as a half cup of coffee. You will be getting your energy naturally through nootropics, adaptogens, mushrooms, and B-vitamins like:⁠

✔️ Rhodiola: reduces mental fatigue, improves mood, and enhances physical performance.†⁠

✔️ Ashwagandha: increases cellular energy which helps boost stamina and strength while reducing cortisol levels. Ultimate mood lifter and stress reducer.†⁠

✔️ Lion’s Mane Mushroom: accelerates fat metabolism, increases energy output, improves physical endurance, and improves focus and concentration.†⁠

✔️ Cordyceps Mushroom: improves heart function and athletic strength endurance by helping supply more oxygen to the blood.†⁠

✔️ Green Tea: has super high antioxidants which helps the body repair and recover from cognitive and physical stress.†⁠

✔️ Vitamin B6: helps convert the food into energy and improves mood and brain health.†⁠

✔️ Vitamin B12: helps convert carbs into energy, plays a key role in red blood cell and DNA production, and aids in cognitive and nervous system function.†⁠

✔️ Chromium Picolinate: helps the body digest/process carbs and fats and helps the body build/recover muscles.†⁠

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