La Grange Group Fitness Classes

La Grange Group Fitness Classes

Take Action:

  • Are you committed to becoming the best version of yourself?
  • Do you enjoy encouraging others?
  • Do you love to get up at the crack of dawn and GET IT DONE?

First THREE Classes are FREE!

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  • 6 Overhead Triceps
  • 3 HIT Push-Ups (eccentric)
  • 6 Overhead Triceps
  • 3 HIT Push-Ups (concentric)
  • 6 Overhead Triceps
  • 3 HIT Push-Ups (concentric & eccentric)
  • Shoot for 5 ROUNDS


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🧘About stress and its connection to your metabolism (and what to do about it)

💤How sleep can help you lose more body fat if that’s a goal

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