Yoga Fitness class Sunday July 15th 8am - 9am in Countryside

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Yoga Fitness Class Sunday July 15th 8am - 9am

Taught by Certified Trainer and Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Cristen Grajeda
Yoga for Fitness is a safe and effective approach to improving and maintaining an active lifestyle while boosting energy levels. The focus will be on the physical benefits of Yoga including endurance, strength and flexibility.  Components of posture, balance, range of motion, joint health, stretching and isometric holds will be incorporated.  Additionally, mindfulness, body awareness and connecting breath with movement will be applied.  All levels welcome. Mats are available but feel free to bring your own. $10 if paid before 6/31/18 or $15 at the door. No contract to sign, open to the public, for ages 14+, no previous experience required.
Enhance Fitness Studio
6475 Joliet rd. suite A1000
Countryside, Il 60525
questions? call 708-837-4348 or email