Boxing Class in Countryside Tuesdays in May starting 5/1/18

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Boxing Class in Countryside every Tuesday in May starting 5/1/18 with semi pro American Boxer (formerly under American Top Team lineage) & former Marine Corp Martial Arts Instructor Tyler Rhinhart.  

Tyler is a Marine dedicated to improving your boxing skills, coordination, timing,  balance, speed, power and reaction time.  He has multiple fights under strictly boxing, muay thai and MMA disciplines with wins coming by way of knockouts and unanimous decisions.  He is ready to pass on his knowledge and help better your life whether you are boxing for sport, self defense, competition or fitness.  

Reasons to take up boxing...

- we have an almost unheard of great deal to launch this program if paid before Tuesday May 1st, $25 covers 4 boxing classes in the month of May


  • 1) Increase Overall Athleticism including endurance, strength, power, speed and agility.
  • 2) Increase Physical and Mental Toughness, giving you the confidance to stand your ground and fight back instead of retreating. 
  • 3) Learn to Defend Yourself in tough, unfortunate situations
  • 4) Increase Self Confidence and Self-Esteem, you can do it and Tyler Rhinhart will prove it to you. This program will teach you to become sure of yourself and value yourself more.  You deserve to feel great about yourself. 
  • 5) Increase (Stabilizer) Muscles, your shoulders will feel amazing as will your calves and feel your stamina improve.
  • 6) Increase body awareness, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination.

see you Tuesday May 1st, and yes, we do plan to continue this program past that :) Box on and live long