Anti - bullying self defense class for ages 12+ in Countryside Il 8/18/18

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Anti bullying seminar Saturday August 18th 12pm-1pm for ages 12+

This self defense class is for anyone ages 12+ to learn the best way to defend themselves in multiple real world scenarios, this one focuses on bullies of all ages. This is important to know to keep yourself as safe as possible in schools, colleges, on the streets etc. You can buy it as a gift for someone else or for yourself.  This is a skill that can make a huge difference should they need it.  Instructor Noah Gutierrez will walk you through it and we aren't moving on until everyone is caught up.  I have experience doing self defense classes in senior citizen nursing homes, the girl scout daisies, theaters and Chicago Public Schools. These self defense sessions will focus on front attacks. Someone getting uncomfortably close.