30 minute self defense private lesson for kids age 5 - 18 for $25 - Enhance Fitness Studio

30 minute self defense private lesson for kids age 5 - 18 for $25

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Hi there, I hope you are having a great day so far. I am Noah Gutierrez, owner of Enhance Fitness Studio and I Noah Training in Countryside.  We offer fight sports classes and self defense sessions in the Chicagoland area and are available to travel to your home or train in studio.  I have 7 years experience as a mixed martial arts instructor, self defense instructor and group fitness trainer.  I have led self defense classes at martial arts dojos, Schools, nursing homes, theaters and for the girl scouts daisies.  We are offering a special deal to help keep your child safe and able to defend themselves should they ever need to.  Bullying is a part of life we must combat to overcome. Give your child the tools they need to stand up themselves and make it so no bully ever wants to bother them again.  They will learn that it is ok to defend yourself as long as you are not the aggressor.  They will understand that you will be proud of them anytime they stand up for themselves as long as they use the self defense techniques I show them correctly.   If you would like in home training, please email Noahg76@gmail.com to check availability dates and location.  Summer is the perfect time to give them what they need.