1 month of unlimited group fitness & fight sports classes at Enhance Fitness Studio, referral from Tyler Rhinhart

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1 MONTH Enhance Fitness Studio GROUP FITNESS PASS with Tyler Rhinhart's referral

Regular price $120, price with this referral only $99 

Many gyms offer membership where you sign up, have access to state of the art equipment but then are unable to use it properly due to not knowing how to maximize it.  Enhance Fitness Studio is here to eliminate that problem and present group fitness classes with exercise instruction on proper form, reps and sets.  No more trying to mimick the picture on the machines and just hoping you are doing it correctly.  You can injure yourself that way if you get it wrong. Our instructors will show you how to do the exercise correctly to avoid confusion and give you the confidence to workout with focus solely on form.  We are currently forming classes and building the Enhance Fitness Studio Community . This is a great deal and Tyler Rhinhart wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't :)

This is a one time limited offer available to first time members only.

1 month of Group Fitness classes at Enhance Fitness Studio for only $99 (reg. 120)

What Classes are included in this deal?  Boxing, Advanced MMA as well as...

Class Descriptions

Boot Camp =   In boot camp you are going to experience nearly every fitness discipline.  Here is the  cycle breakdown:

  • 1 week of Strength.  During this week we focus on foundation and integrated exercises to increase your strength and balance to improve function and physique.  We turn up the metabolic furnace this week, aka burn a ton of calories all day.
  • 1 week of Cardio.  During this week we focus on stamina and speed.  This is a high heart rate week that burns a ton of calories during the session.  When you come to this week, you will experience general conditioning to sport specific to give you consistent variety to your cardio.
  • 2 weeks of Interval.  During these 2 weeks you are going to experience the best of both worlds.  We will be combining strength and cardio to give you the ultimate fitness challenge in a fun and rewarding atmosphere.  

Hard Core =  Hard Core is very similar to the 2 weeks of interval training we do at boot camp but it consist of a little more core training.  Hard Core is only offered on Wednesday and it is a great program for someone that hates doing core exercises.  Why?  Although there are some sit-ups at class, I try to focus on the core at a 360 degree approach...meaning there is more to core then just sit-ups.

Torch 2.0 = Full body group fitness focusing on torching calories.  (Mondays are mostly upperbody exercises, Wednesdays is mostly lowerbody exercises, and Saturdays are mostly core exercises)

STRONG BOOT CAMP = Full body group fitness focusing on strength based exercises

Strength & Conditioning = Mondays class is divided into 15 minutes of strength based exercises + 15 miutes of cardio based exercises.  Wednesday nights is high intensity, full energy, lots of sweat and feeling good.  This class will challenge you like never before. 

Youth Enhance Sports Performance = for ages 12, 18, this class is designed to maximize your childs athletic capabilities.  Make them stronger, faster, more agile, balanced and coordinated than ever before.  Perfect for helping them make school team tryouts.

Evening Express Boot Camp = Full body group fitness class for the evening fitness enthusiast.  Some of the same exercises you love from the morning boot camp class condensed into 30 minutes.  

Kickboxing = The perfect class for anyone looking to get in better shape, learn self defense, train for a competition or just try a new sport. This class will teach coordination, timing, speed, strength, balance and more. 

No Gi Jiu Jitsu for MMA (grappling) = Learn the best way to defend yourself should a fight go to the ground. You will learn escapes, joint locks, submissions, chokes, takedowns, defenses and more. 

Boxing = Learn to defend yourself with proper offense, defense and counters in the sport of boxing.  Great for fitness, self defense, competition or all 3.  Led by former Marine Corp Martial arts instructor Tyler Rhinhart.

Advanced MMA = The highest level of fight sports training available.  This class includes advanced drills, live sparring & Grappling.  Mouth guards are mandatory. 


Most people put off fitness for another day but you are not most people. you are someone who is serious about changing their lives for the better and you can signup now for this great deal!  Save $21!  This deal covers all of the Group Fitness Classes at Enhance Fitness Studio.  If you have any questions about the studio or group classes, please email Noah Gutierrez at Noahg76@gmail.com.  The hardest step is setting foot in a gym for the first time and we can set that up.  
Just as a reminder, there is no contract to sign.  This is a one month deal, none of that 1 year commitment shenanigans or that once a year maintenance fee.  If you want to sign up for classes regularly after that, we would love to have you join us. Let's get you started, we are here to help.