Noah Gutierrez

Noah Gutierrez is currently the head mixed martial arts instructor and owner at I NOAH TRAINING PROGRAM LLC located inside ENHANCE FITNESS STUDIO.

Here is a little about Noah:

I started training mma in 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio at team Griffonrawl before moving and becoming an instructor in Chicago, Orland Park and now Countryside, Il. Training was a great way to balance my busy work schedule with fitness and skills that will prove to benefit me for life.

My goal is to change people’s lives through martial arts and fitness to pay it forward.

My style of training is very technical, supportive and constructive. We have to ensure that you train using proper form from every exercise to every fight sports drill. The class types are diverse and no previous experience is required. ALL experience levels, fitness levels and ages are welcomed.  Through dedication and commitment you will gain the confidence to start from basic level training and progress to advanced.  This is perfect if your goal is to learn self defense, train in sports for local competitions, train to get in better shape or all 3.


I am currently the head mixed martial arts instructor at Chicago’s:

  • Irene Hernandez Middle School 3510 s. 55th st.
  • Dawes Elementary 3810 w. 81st pl
  • Durkin Park Elementary 8445 S. Kolin
  • Nathan Hale Elementary 6140 S. Melvina
  • Enrico Tonti Elementary 5815 S. Homan
  • Louis Pasteur Elementary 5825 S. Kostner
  • John Hope College Preparatory High School  5515 S. Lowe

Head self defense instructor at:

  • the WIP theater 6670 N. Northwest Highway

Head mixed martial arts instructor at:


Here are the course descriptions for the classes/courses I offer.

Kickboxing = Mondays and Wednesdays 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm, this course combines kickboxing technique, defenses, single direct attacks, combinations,balance, footwork and fitness.

Boxing = Saturdays 8am, this course offers the basics in boxing and conditioning. The perfect blend of fun, fitness and fight sports. Learn to hit pads and mitts with drills involving head movement and footwork.

MMA grappling = Mondays 915pm, this class covers jiu jitsu submissions for no gi grappling, takedowns and wrestling. Train to compete in local tournaments or train to feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself

Torch 2.0 = This full body group fitness class focuses on toning specific areas while torching calories at the same time. Tone and tighten up your core, quads, calves, hips, triceps, biceps, grip strength, glutes, shoulders, chest and more. Bring lots of energy 

LIVE SPARRING = Wednesdays 915pm, this class is for anyone looking to practice their fight sports training and bring it to the next level in a controlled, supervised setting. This is not 2 neanderthals swinging at each other, this class is designed to help you improve your technique against an opponent with resistance. Students often go 20,30 and even 50% against each other. Students will train at YOUR level.

FIGHT SPORTS CONDITIONING = Mondays and Wednesdays 845pm, this strength and conditioning course is designed to improve and strengthen your athleticism. Be ready to sweat and use maximum power with exercises designed to challenge and push you to your limits.

STREET SELF DEFENSE = Thursdays 7pm, this course is designed to teach you how to defend yourself in your everyday life. Learn techniques to escape being choked, attacked with a weapon, abduction attempt escapes and more.