Group Fitness Classes

“The Total Body Workout” Group Fitness Classes

At Enhance Fitness Studio we understand that the reasons people stop working out is because of boredom and reaching a fitness plateau. This is why we guarantee that you will never do the same workout twice and that you will continue to see improvement no matter how long you are with us at EFS.

From the intense calorie burning Boot Camp to the strength and function focused Hard Core, we offer a wide range of classes for athletes of all ages and abilities. And,no matter which class you take, it will be exciting and full of well researched, proven exercise techniques.

  • Boot Camp – our boot camp is not the traditional boot camp with push ups, jumping jacks and squats. Our boot camp is a total body workout that is fun work and hard play. This class is for those that want to lose weight, build lean muscle, tone their body and get a solid cardio workout in an exciting, positive atmosphere.
  • STRONG – this class focuses on proper progression in certain lifts like bench press, Olympic deadlifts, Romanian Deadlifts, pull-ups followed by integrated strength exercises to build lean muscle.
  • Hard Core – are you looking for firmer abs, leaner hips and a stronger back, but hate doing 100 sit ups and push ups to get it? If so, this class is for you. Our trainers offer a variety of interesting workouts designed to get the body you want.

  “The Total Body Workout” Group Fitness Class Schedule (click here)

Best Prices in the area:

  • $130 monthly
  • $180 for a 10 pack
  • $20 pay as you go