Enhance Sports Performance

designed for the youth athlete to become the elite athlete
Enhance Sports Performance is designed for athletes of all skills and sports. No matter what sport/activity you participate in, there is always room to learn new skills, gain knowledge, grow stronger, and  become a better athlete.
Enhance Sports Performance Program utilizes the most up-to-date youth sports performance research to properly build each athletes foundation to:
  1. Prevent the likelihood of common youth injuries
  2. Improve overall functional strength to increase strength, power, and coordination
  3. Make sure the athlete instills good practice on and off the field/court


EFS’s philosophy is very simple: Train hard or don’t train at all!

If you want to improve, you have to train harder. But training harder doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to train longer. Volume, frequency, and intensity are any strength program’s three primary variables . Any good program that includes these three variables will stimulate increased muscular power, strength, and size.  At EFS, we take it a step further.  We follow the methodology and elements designed from one of the leading and cutting edge sports performance certifications (IGNITE360).  At EFS, our goal is to provide you with the best all around 360 degree strength and conditioning approach.  Work hard and work smart.  For an athlete to physically improve their athletic capabilities, there are three main elements that we focus on:

  • Balance Performance – the foundation of athletic movement and one of the biggest elements that most trainers/facilities ignore.  Balance Performance is the key to open up the doors to improve in coordination, strength, and reaction.
  • Integrated Strength – develop strength through progressive sport related total body exercises.  A body in motion must be trained in motion.  In this element, isolated exercises have their place but functional exercises develop true sport strength, putting athletes above their competition.
  • Athletic Movement – Speed, agility, and reaction time is emphasized through many drills that will challenge and initiate the neuromuscular pathway.

In order to enhance performance, we need to focus on what the athlete needs for his or her sport and what the sport demands of the athlete. In addressing these two key concepts, we develop the program best suited for that particular athlete. We also consider other factors as well, such as athlete’s age, height, weight, goals, and athlete’s schedule to balance work load and stress.

Through our experience training grade school athletes, junior high athletes, high school athletes, NCAA athletes, and other individuals, we consistently develop programs that increase gains more quickly, and with fewer plateau phases. Our programs are geared to deliver what the athlete truly needs to excel. EFS’s training style involves many different types of muscular training techniques proven through years of research with an emphasis on variation, not constant repetition.

During Enhance Sports Performance, athletes will be taken through a standard evaluation that assess their basic athletic foundation. They will also be taken through a FMS (functional Movement  Screen) to determine if pain is present during any of the foundation movements. This will give us and the athlete a gauge on where they will be starting in the program.
The program layout will be a 4 prong approach:
  • We will first begin with what areas the athlete needs to work on. Injury Prevention, Mobility, and Safety Will be the #1 Priority. The athletes will be given outside work in which they are expected to stretch, perform mobility techniques, engage in light cardio, and any other additional exercises the trainer/athlete would presume appropriate.
  • Upon arrival (first 15-20 minutes) Every athlete will perform a proper warm up that will be given to them upon assessment
  • (30-45 Minutes) The Athlete will be taken through a group drills working on skills like speed, agility, coordination, power, and endurance.
  • (30-45 Minutes) The Athlete will work on tiered strength progressions, which will be tailored around their specific developmental stages, past injuries, goals, and strength/weakness.