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Fireworks safety

Safety tips for fireworks for parents and kids   Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy.  I know a lot of people think "I don't buy dangerous fireworks, that's not a problem for me".  Yes but your neighborhood kids might set off fireworks that travel and the embers can catch your house or surroundings on fire.  Be aware of windy conditions which can quickly change the direction of an explosion or firework. Embers can easily spread to rooftops and trees.  Avoid alcohol and drugs while dealing with fireworks.  An impaired judgement can affect you or someone else negatively.  It slows reaction time to get out of the way if something goes wrong, it makes it more likely...

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Be aware of these common scams/robberies

Here is a list I comprised of scams/robberies I have thwarted/seen/heard. The purpose of this article is to keep as many people informed as possible. Especially our lovely senior citizens who can be taken advantage of and their only crime is being a sweet, wonderful person. I hope this list helps. If you have any suggestions or scams you would like me to add in the next installment, please email me at I plan to make more of these articles as I hear of more robberies/scams1. FAKE JEHOVAS WITNESS = Someone comes to your house claiming to be a jehovas witness and asks if you have a minute for jesus.  If you say yes, they spend a few minutes...

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Ways to Describe an attacker to the police part 1/5

USING SOUND    Hopefully you are never in a bad situation where you have to use this, but it is good to know in case it ever happens.  Bad situations vary based on settings, circumstances, people involved, type of situation etc.   If you go to the police (and please do to deter future similar crimes) to report an attack or a robbery, you can use sound to describe someone.  Even if its the slightest detail that you pick up on, it can make a huge difference in finding this person.  Do they speak fast, slow, low pitched, high pitched, did they use words that stood out, what did they say, why might they have said it.  In this article I...

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