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Quarantine 22 Monday and Tuesday May 11th & 12th

    Bootcamp for Tuesday May 12th 2020              Bootcamp Monday May 10th 2020     Boxing lesson for Monday May 11th   Kickboxing for Monday May 11th        

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#Quarantine 21 old enough to drink......water! Lots of water 🧊 Friday May 8th 2020

Friday bootcamp class    Boxing for Friday May 8th 2020      Kickboxing for Friday May 8th 2020    

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Quarantine #20 Wednesday & Thursday May 6th & 7th

Studio reopens in 26 days! 🥳 We're almost there.   https://enhancefitnessstudio.com/products/indian-head-park-youth-summer-camps-in-a-disinfected-sanitized-safe-studio-6-1-start-of-school-year Boxing class Thursday May 7th 2020 Kickboxing for Thursday May 7th 2020           Thursday May 7th 2020 bootcamp    Morning bootcamp with Mr. Mike Padua 530am      Boxing class for Wednesday May 6th 2020  Kickboxing for May 6th 2020

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